Exklusiv-Interview mit dem britischen Erotikstar
Tanya Tate

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Tanya Tate fasziniert mit ihren aufregenden Augen und einer atemberaubenden Figur. Diese besondere Mischung und viel Ehrgeiz haben aus Tanya Tate einen der faszinierendsten Erotikstars dieser Tage gemacht. Geboren wurde sie 1979 im englischen Liverpool, der Heimat der Beatles. Nachdem Sie in ihrer Heimat eine erfolgreiche Karriere als Erotikstar vorzuweisen hatte, wagte Tanya Tate den Schritt über den großen Teich und startetet in den U.S.A. noch einmal richtig durch. In ihrer Freizeit ist Tanya Tate ein begeisterter Cosplayer mit einem eigenen Blog. Sie hat zahlreiche Auszeichnungen gewonnen, und arbeitet erfolgreich als Regisseurin. Die leidenschaftliche Anhängerin des FC Liverpool ist ein wahres Multitalent und hat steht für erotische Filme mit Niveau und Anspruch.
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Tell us something juicy about “Lesbian Family Affair 4” What can we expect?

TATE: Lesbian Family Affair has a running theme of lesbian 3 ways with hot women, either MILFs or teens, all with a taboo fauxcest theme. Series 4 has a lot of office based scenarios. There is something hot about having sex whilst you are supposed to be at work. The box cover even shows a menage-a-trois up against the wall in the boardroom.

What was your motivation to become a Director?

TATE: I started producing content for my website TanyaTate.com when I started in the industry back in 2008. Initially, it was solo then I moved on to the Tanya Tate Casting Couch, which was a chance for fans to try out to be a pornstar with me. In a way, I was already directing when I was given the opportunity by Dion the owner of Filly Films back in 2011 to make movies for an actual company. Dion offered me the chance to direct my very first lesbian movie. I took him up on his offer and really took to having the ability to play out my fantasies with and by hot women for the fans. Since then I have directed many more movies including my award nominated series Lesbian Family Affair and for Girl Fiction for the production company Smash Pictures.

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Tell us about your upcoming projects.

TATE: I am actually expecting my first baby so I am taking a little time away from shooting. I still keep in touch with my fans via social media and my direct contact platforms via TextTanyaTate.com. I also started a SnapChat account where every day I show my VIP members my growing body. Outside of the adult industry I am working on my alter, superhero Lady Titan. I did bring our my own stylized action figure via MyHeroToys.com. I am exploring the possibility of bringing out a version 2, new, improved and maybe even sexier.

Do you watch your own scenes? Why or Why Not?

TATE: I used to watch my scenes when I started in the industry as I wanted to try and improve to see what I could have done better. Now as I get to edit and upload my movies onto my TanyaTate.com I do get to see them. I use final cut to edit and make simple trailers. I love pulling the best parts out for the trailers to give my fans a mouth watering taste what they should expect to see on that scene. Do I get turned on watching them? Sometimes I see an amazing angle is caught and the action taking place is very erotic, I just can't help myself.

You are one of the top Adult Stars worldwide. What are your plans for the future?

TATE: Next year after my baby is born I will be sure to get back into more shooting, whether it includes performing or being behind the camera. I definitely see more directing in my future. I would love to become even more involved with other projects whether adult or mainstream, that includes my love of cosplay (costume play) and horror.

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Is there a chance to meet you in Germany in the future?

TATE: I got to go and visit Venus Berlin in 2009, I had a wonderful time at the show. I would love to be able to go back to the Germany and meet my fans there.

What does your normal work day look like?

TATE: Each day can vary from emails, sexting with my fans, taking naked pics and video for my VIP Snap-Chat, uploading content to my member's website, sending personal orders from my TanyaTateStore.com to hosting my own Tanya Tate Show on Vivid Radio / Sirius XM satellite radio. I also run a publicity company StarFactoryPR.com which helps promote other XXX stars in the media and enhance their fan base.

What turns you on?

TATE: I love being touched in all the right places. If you know how to make me tingle and orgasm through exploration and then keeping the sensation on those places you can bring me to a massive orgasm. I get excited during on by one on one interaction with my fans. Whe-ther they are using my Tanya Tate Fleshlight, made from a mold of my most intimate parts, or talking with me via text, phone chat or Skype, knowing that I am making someone cum turns me on the most!